Our companies make financial management easier for more than 2.900 business clients in Scandinavia!

We are organized as a group with Perpetua AS as holding company.
As of today, we are involved in a total of 13 companies. Of these, there are four wholly owned subsidiaries, five partly owned companies and four companies in which we are involved as financial investors. In the wholly owned and partly owned companies, we had a total turnover of NOK 70 million in 2021. The group has 40 employees in Norway and 70 employees outside Norway.

Our Companies

Wholly owned subsidiaries

Exacta AS is an authorized accounting agency with great digital expertise. We have a sister agency (Pro Account APS) with offices in Copenhagen, which provides support to clients who wish to operate within the EU.

The accounting takes place in Sri Lanka. This provides us with high capacity, our clients get predictable and lower costs, and with that there is more time for value-added work.

Excellent digital solutions and excellent accessibility to all accounting data whenever and wherever – whether it concerns authorization of invoices or the last period report.

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Heiene Regnskap AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Exacta AS and a Oslo-based authorized accounting agency that supplies all accounting services to small and large companies. The agency is a member of, and follows the strict requirements of, NARF.

Digital Accounting AS offers cloud-based solutions for a simple and fair management of incoming and outgoing vouchers.

All types of vouchers:
Incoming and outgoing invoices, bank vouchers, cash vouchers, correcting vouchers and miscellaneous vouchers

Accessible 24/7:
On PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

Less paper:
The system is web-based so you will always have access to your business data no matter where you are in the world.

Lower costs:
We offer a fixed and low cost for an unlimited number of saved vouchers.

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ProAccount Lanka is a part of the Exacta Group and does accounting and verification services mostely for Scandinavian clients. Our office is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

At Sri Lanka we have great access to highly qualified, well educated and hard working employees.

Another practical and good reason to establish this type of business in Sri Lanka is the favorable time zone. When we begin our working day in Scandinavia, our colleagues in Sri Lanka have already been in business for a few hours.

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*) Heiene Regnskap AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Exacta AS

Partly owned companies

BI Pro AS develops tailor-made Business Intelligence dashboards that convert the company’s accounting data into valuable information.

Business Intelligence is a collective term for the use of data in decision-making processes. It is a decision support system that extracts the correct data from large amounts of data.

In-house developed, generic and specially adapted reporting solutions that can give companies unique insight into large amounts of data. The solutions can be quickly set up and integrated with the company’s existing systems and databases.

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Bedriftsplassen AS is a full assortment consulting company that offers consulting for managers and businesses of all sizes and in all development phases – from start-up to closure.

Consulting handled by own consultants:

  • Establishment assistance and guidance
  • Business development and leadership consulting
  • Business system strategy
  • Sales and marketing consulting
  • Board and board consulting
  • Employment assistance
  • Start-up in Norway

Supporting services and consulting through partners:

  • Accounting and salary
  • IT solutions
  • Tax and legal services
  • Application for local government or state funds
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Through our sister company ProAccount Aps in Copenhagen and partners in Stockholm, we can also offer accounting services for customers with operations in the Nordic region.

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Digital Capture AS is a service provider within digitalization of analog content.

The company has developed a very flexible platform which ensures that many different documents can be read and interpreted, while larger and more repetitive work can be automated.

Combined with being verified from the group’s branch in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Digital Capture’s technological solutions can contribute to very cost-effective services for our clients.

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Altinn Regnskap AS has offices in Horten and Tønsberg, and has a total of 8 employees. The agency performs all types of accounting tasks for small and medium-sized businesses.

Other investments

Innvik Holding AS(6.91%)

About Perpetua AS

Our business was established in 1992 – and we have more than 25 years of experience as a technologically proactive accounting agency. We are organized as a group of companies with Perpetua AS being the holding company. Our goal is to be long sighted, at the forefront of technology, and to always put the client first.

Perpetua AS will be an active, enthusiastic and present owner, both within the group and the various companies we are involved in.

New technology creates new businesses
Over time, our group and our companies have invested in and developed new technological support services for accounting firms, which has created several new businesses and many jobs.